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Kyoto Protocol is the international agreement that regulates the emitting of the greenhouse gases as like carbon dioxide in order to prevent the global warming in 1997. 38 countries including EU and Japan should reduce the greenhouse gases up to average of 5.2% compared to the amount in 1990 during the year, 2008~2012. Korea is currently not the countries that must reduce the greenhouse gases by Kyoto Protocol, but shows the top rate of increase of greenhouse gas emitting amount among OECD countries. So there’s big possibility to be included after 2012 and the government has been trying to reduce the greenhouse gases with its core slogan, low-carbon green growth. Even if not included, low-carbon green growth is must-do and the carbon trading business will be getting more important.

Carbon trading business is the system that allows the countries to trade the right of greenhouse gas emission. Carbon is the biggest gas among greenhouse gases, so it was named ‘Carbon’ trading business. This system is like this. If an included country emits the greenhouse gases under the quota, they can sell the surplus to other countries and otherwise, if an included country emits the greenhouse gases above the quota, they can buy the shortage from other countries. The quota for the greenhouse gas emission is allocated to each country, but carbon trading business has been made by mostly companies, not by governments.

Carbon trading business is very close to the renewable energy business. Green technology is showing remarkable growth all around the world. The key point of the green technology is to boost the renewable energy business, so it must be ended in failure if we don’t regulate the carbon emission very strongly. If the carbon emission can’t be controlled effectively, it causes us more and more and leads to the exhaustion of the natural resources. Cherrylumi were aware of the importance of carbon emission and will pursue the low-carbon green growth and eco-friendly society through the efficient carbon trading business.

Carbon mileage system is that we can get the tax cuts, eco-friend gift cards, points for using the public transportation, etc if we reduce the carbon emissions in homes, workplaces, schools, etc.

Green business means “the business for reviving the losing green fields due to the environmental pollution”.

Green marketing means that we need to cope actively with the situations as customers are getting to want to be protected from the waste of the natural resources, destruction of the ecosystem and environmental pollution caused by mass production and mass consumption.