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Eco-friendly and high efficient lighting. Front-runner in LED lighting industry.

Solar light, Solar heat, Bio, Wind power, Water power, Ocean, Waste, Geothermal heat and other natural Energies. They all come from the nature and limitless.

Renewable energies, New energies, Future energies as Clean Energies. Biomass, Geothermal heat, Solar energy, Wind power, Water power, Waste energy, Ocean energy, etc.

There’re solar heat, solar light, wind power, tidal power, geothermal heat in the renewable energy business and it has wide range adaptable technologies as like in Solar energy, wind power, water power and bio fuel. It’s getting more important business due to severe climate change and exhaustion of fossil fuels.

Multi light type with lots of decorative lamps, formative type with some of big incandescent lamps made by crystal glasses or synthetic resins and others.

Many companies and laboratories are trying to develop renewable energies, new energies and future energies as clean energies recently as the energy consumption has been increasing and running out of fossil fuels has led to severe environment pollution.

Lots of countries have been researching and developing the new energies because of the depletion of the fossil fuels. But there’s also weakness, it’s not easy to develop the clean energy and costs too much development expense. Cherrylumi thinks that the development of the alternative energy is our prior commitment to the human’s right to live and will be the typical company of green growth with constant efforts for Green Lighting and Green Technology.