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The beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th centuries where the abundant natural resources were utilized as the primary energy source brought the world the revolutionary changes, not only economically and politically, but also socially and environmentally due to the change of the energy paradigm. Because the outrageous developments and consumptions of the natural resources and, especially too much dependency and consumption of fossil fuels eventually led to the 1st and the 2nd oil shock, along with the price soaring of raw materials in the 21st centuries, these happened due to the dramatic increase on demand of the oil and raw materials in the developing countries like China and India, lack of refining of petroleum, the speculative buying, and the instability of the Middle East. It also became inevitable for a nation like Korea where the energy dependency from outside of the country was huge needed to take measures for renewable energy.

In the perspective of the environment, this overuse of fossil fuels accelerated global warming and as a result icebergs are melting down as an example. In recent year, this greenhouse effect because of greenhouse gas has become one of the most important national issues, and developing, expanding, and commercializing of renewable energies for reducing greenhouse gas has also turned into the national top priority.

To resolve this environmental and natural resource problems, LED has been getting an attention as a solution and our government announced that it’d support LED lighting industry as energy effective business in this context.

Lightings consume energy and have a lot of advantages in the supply and the demand of energy since it’s easy to make highly effective so that many companies and research institutes are focusing on effectiveness for reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment. LED as a lighting source, like incandescence and fluorescent, has been breaking all the ground of the lighting industry, getting praise for effectiveness in energy, and receiving supports from the government as a good business.

Highly effective and environmental friendly LED light as one of the main icons in green growth is anticipated to be highly effective and these days are considered to be the first year of LED business drive. Furthermore, it is also expected to be the beginning of the renaissance in LED lightings because technical guidelines, KS, and certificate for highly effective energy device are about to be set up.

Based on eco-friendly, energy saving, and innovative technology, Cherrylumi is going to put an effort in developing Green technology and continues to expand production, marketing, management in innovative ways. Additionally, we will continue to invest our efforts and resources on research and development and promise to purse to be the world leading green technology company worldwide in the future.

Cherrylumi will abide by a code of ethics based on ethical behavior and sincerity and try our best to give back the company’s profit to the society.

We put customer satisfaction our first priority with efforts, stable management and ethical behavior and will be the world best company while developing the new technologies. We’ll serve revolutionary technologies, competitive prices and best services to our customers through the best qualities and technologies.

Cherrylumi will respect for human’s dignity.

Works can’t be prior to human beings and it’s absolutely sure that human beings are the most valuable rather than any other things.We’ll raise our competitiveness in the world with the self-respect pride by respecting human’s dignity and honor. Every company should keep working hard and investing on the new technologies for their development. It’s the one of technologies not only to work together efficiently and smoothly for each other, but also to give the functions or the values to the products. Furthermore, we’ll try the best to save the energy and cut the carbon dioxide emissions by recycling the natural resources, lowering the pollution and utilizing the eco-friendly energies in order to preserve the environment.

We’ll build the LED lighting system and produce the best quality products used new technologies.

Cherrylumi focuses on developing and producing the world best quality products with high technical skills and continuous development. We’ll try our best to be the top LED lighting company in the World especially through the eco-friendly and stable products and services.

Companies can’t be stand alone without being in society. We should contribute to the society, not to pursue their profit only. We have to do Environmental Management System in order to prevent environmental pollution and have the responsibility to do Sustainable Development for our economy and society.

We’ll be the Green Lighting / Green Technology company.

    - Make the dream reality through new LED technologies

    - Take the lead by the innovative technologies

    - Make the better world with the abundant know-hows and global competitiveness

    - Develop the best products and services for the customer’s satisfaction


– Enabled On-line Registration on the website
– Launched “ Photo Contest ” for the customers.

May - Participated at INTERZOO 2012
April - Contracted for the domestic distributor
- Launched CherryAqua 2.5
February - Completed the development of CherryAqua 2.5
November - Established the basic foundation for the US market
September - Established the basic foundations for the markets, such as England, Germany, France, and Australia
August - Launched CherryAqua Series 2.0
June - Completed for setting up the strategy on penetration of the European market.
May - Version 2011-Coporate Website revealed
- Participated at Aquarama 2011 in Singapore by the affiliate.
February Venture Company Register


- Applied for international PCT patents on CherryAqua Series
- Applied for domestic patents on CherryAqua Series
- Registered CherryAqua Trademark
- Registered Cherrylumi Trademark
- Acquired CherrAqua RoHS certificate


- Acquired FCC certificate
- Acquired CherryAqua CE (D.O.C.) certificate - TUV SUD


- Selected for awarding a grant in Acquirement of International Standards


- Started exporting overseas ( Australia, Germany, Japan, US)
- Completed the performance test & measurement of CherryAqua Series


- Launched CherryAqua-Ocean and CherryAqua-River


- Established The R&D Department and gained the certification for it from Korea
   Industrial Technology Association


- Developed LED Aquarium Series, CherryAqua-Ocean and CherryAqua-River
- Increased the capital stock