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We can get the technologies of applications or fusion from the LED to save the energies and it doesn’t contain mercury unlikely fluorescent lamps so very eco-friendly. And also it has over 50,000 hour lifetime and about 90% improvement of electric efficiency comparing incandescent lamps. We can reduce the wastes and carbon dioxide emissions with the reduction of the electric power and the increase for running time by using the LED. And we can also reduce about 50% of carbon dioxide emissions because the wireless communications of LED visible ray makes us possible to use the lightings and the communications simultaneously while we had to use them separately before.

Also, we can get the commercial profits by sharing the infrastructure of the LED without increasing the carbon dioxide emissions. We can use the LEDs for both of fusion communication multimedia services and our daily life’s lighting. The United States, Japan and European countries are aware of the advantages of the LEDs so those governments are encouraging the people to use them and preparing the related regulations. Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea is also pushing ahead with Project 1530 which is to change all the conventional lightings to LED lightings up to 30% by 2015.

Cherrylumi will catch the point whether the customers satisfactory to our products and correct the errors immediately, verify the problems and try to make better products. We’ll try our best to make the best quality and reliable products with the drastic investments and steady R&D. We believe that company’s progress should go with the local society. We’ll support the local social welfare organs sharing our success to help the neglected class of the local people.

1. Our number 1 priority: Prompt Customer Response Time
At Cherrylumi Incorporation, we give our top priority to "Prompt Customer Response!" By. acting promptly on our customer's request, we save their golden time and we gain their trust.
2. Always Lower Price and Higher Quality or Nothing
We always put our endeavors to keep the lower price and higher quality based on our best . technology.
We aim to achieve these two contradictory vales by pushing our ability to the limit, believing everything is possible. Otherwise, we won't product at all.
3. One contact, you are my Customer and Supplier forever
We cherish every single moment and contact with anyone, believing that he/she is my customer or supplier forever in future.
4. Continual and Persistent Listening to Customers
In order to manage our business well and provide right goods, we always listen to our.
customer's precious feedbacks, which is the foundation of our business. Satisfying their needs is our responsibility.
5. Open Innovation
We seek to have outstanding technology and ideas from the outside of the company while sharing and creating new products and services from the inside of the company with the outside. We aim to strengthen quick implementation of new innovations based on effective service creation derived from customer needs and analysis of weak signals and disruptive innovations.
6. Finally, Environment, Employees, Communities, and Stockholders
Cherrylumi, Inc. has a responsibility to leave our world better than we found it by protecting our environment, our communities, our stockholders, and our place of employment. We are committed to striving to create a stable, comfortable environment for them, fostering benefits and good values.