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The world is developing the new technologies trying to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and save the energies after Kyoto Protocol in Feb. 16th, 2005.

According to the government, when it comes to building schools, public buildings, large-sized civil buildings as well, we can’t get the permission for construction if they’re not built by eco-friendly systems. The government will also provide 300,000 houses that can save the energy over 40% by 2015 and green homes that can save the energy over 70% by 2019.

The government is expecting that we can cut the import of the oil up to 13,830,000 barrels, reduce the carbon dioxide emissions up to 7,910,000 tons and make over 320,000 jobs if they provide 200 green homes. Therefore, it’s very sure that we need to put our great interests in eco-friendly products and keep developing them.

The protection of the environment is the core part of the company’s social responsibilities. In order to keep that, Cherrylumi will make eco-friendly work environment, save the energies, improve the energy efficiency and try to develop the eco-friendly products for the world.