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The researchers at The Cherrylumi R/C center have much knowledge of lighting and Green Information Technology and 10 years’ over experiences in LED and renewable energy field.

The Cherrylumi R/D center is most important facility in our company, and we continue to invest heavily in talented researchers, powerful manufacturing line and efficient R/D process.

The R/D Center plays a vital role in making excellent laboratory, developing of core technology and equipment, providing engineers, tries to scout best engineers and researchers. And it also provides optimized circumstances.

Cherrylumi, Inc., recognizing the fact that design means competitiveness in the future, tries to take the leads on destruction of design territory and at the same time pursuing the design considering consumers’ taste based on creativity, talented-oriented culture, and co-working with extinguished design companies.

Since the beginning of our company, we’ve learned that we can succeed if we manage well all the process from initial step to final step, although it’s a small item. And now we play the role of leading Green IT design company, and continue to invest continuously and daringly under the idea design is a investment for new value.

Through intrinsic design, we recognized design is creating core-competitiveness. And we design organically so that concept of new product, internal mechanism and function/performance can increase added value and create more value.

Cherrylumi Design Team does their best so that we could introduce surreal design, far from ordinary and momentary design, to our customers.