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CherryAqua-Ocean is specially designed and fit for saltwater aquariums and is the first aquarium lighting in the world incorporating the emotional aquarium lightings opening the whole new chapter of the next generation in aquarium lightings. Moreover, it has the several built-in-color temperature of light, as a result, a user only needs to select the optimal setting for an aquarium tank, and this can be done by simple touch on the control keys. For the night, it also provides you the Moon light mode so that it simulates the day and night setting for your aquarium.

Slimmest and Intelligent for the Next Generation of Aquarium Lighting with emotions and Eco-Friendly LEDs

CherryAqua is the ultimate all-in-one aquarium lighting system where you can have aquatic lamps, timer, moon light lamps, and at the same time lighting fixture. CherryAqua is developed and designed to not only light the inside of the aquarium tank, but also take advantage of the advanced eco-friendly LED technology where the essential lights with the right wavelengths needed for plants/fishes in the water help create the most natural underwater environment as their natural habitats so that it gets optimized for the living creatures in the aquarium to photosynthesize, grow, spawn, and reproduce.

Our state-of-the-art heat sink, built into the body inside, offers the most efficient thermal managing technology without fans. As a result, CherryAqua doesn’t make any noise and sound. On the top of that, the CherryAqua itself produces little heat, not like T5/T8 or HQI/metal halide lamp, it can be installed or hanged as closest to the tank as possible without concerning about the water in the aquarium gets hotter because of the heat generated by lighting.

Simple, Compact, and Stylish SNOWY MOUNTAINTM Design

The design of the CherryAqua was inspired by the scenery of the snowed mountain where the cleared sky with the white landscape makes dazzling and breath-taking emotional expansions with imaginations. This concept of the design brings in not only simple, company, and stylish look of the product but also the artistic value to it so that it can fit to any setting of the aquarium environments functionally and design-wise.

Excellent Ability to reproduce Colors and Long Lifespan with the High Light Intensity, Saving up to 70% electricity and at the same time Reducing Carbon Emissions

CherryAqua-Ocean comes with the several built-in pre-set modes for various color temperature settings for your plants while sustaining the high light intensity, such as Photo Only, Blue Sky, Actinic, and Marine. These modes can be selected by simply touching touch-buttons, enabling a user to provide the optimal light condition to their aquarium tank. It also has a long lifespan up to 80,000 hours, saving the cost of the electricity up to 70% and at the same time, reducing carbon emissions

Specially Designed and Constructed Built-In Heat Sink with Smart & Intelligent LED Controlling Technology and the Full Touch Keys

The heat generation in the traditional aquatic lamps, such as T5 or T8 is one of the most critical points and a key factor for the efficiency of aquarium lightings. Especially in the case with many lights, the heat must be removed out of the lighting fixture. This is not the case with the CherryAqua since it offers the full benefits of the specially designed heat sink system by Cherrylumi built inside of the body for managing the heat better. Therefore, without having fans inside to eliminate the heat, it manages the heat very well resulted in high efficiency. It also doesn’t have any noise and sound. Taking advantages of the micro-system technology with the excellent firmware programming are the best benefits the user can get out of the CherryAqua. This makes possible for the user to control the lighting with simple touches and easy-to-ready the LCD display window.
(Feel the Touch & Touch the Feel™)

Optimized 24/7 automated clock with the powerful embedded timer and the Moon light features

It has an internal clock with the timer features built into it therefore every feature and function can be utilized by simply touching the keys without the concerns of learning how to operate or buying a separate timer. The user can turn on or off whenever they’d like to and adjust the color temperatures for the aquarium plants or corals or reefs. For the night views, it also provides the moon light features so that it simulates days and nights for your aquarium. It has the 28 Moon Phases, just like the real Moon in nature.